Cardiology and Lung Disease

Cardiology and Lung Disease

October 1, 2013

Move to bowels urged by European scientists?  Curious?  Find out more on this episode of Ask the Doctor with Dr. Steve Garner, […]

Geriatric Medicine and Rheumatology

September 17, 2013

What’s with the brain-eating amoebas?  Find out about this organism and other health questions with Dr. Steve Garner, his on-air assistant Nikki […]

Emergency Medicine & Cardiology

Emergency Medicine & Heart Disease

June 4, 2013

Children are inadvertently poisoned by adults’ medication. Dr. Steve Garner, his on-air assistant Nikki Casseri, Dr. Hilary Fairborther (emergency medicine specialist) and […]

Dentistry & Heart Disease

Dentistry and Heart Disease

May 28, 2013

Sugary drinks cause more stones than wine, beer & coffee.  And an update on Alzheimer’s disease – Easy as ABC?  Disappointments from […]

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