Education Tax Credit: Until Next Year

June 24, 2015

This year the Diocese of Brooklyn were determined to get the Education Tax Credit passed by organizing pickets and rallies. Now pronounced dead, […]

Meet the Wood Frog

June 24, 2015

Although the future of the Education Tax Credit is looking dim, the State Senate has named an official amphibian of New York […]

Principal: Albany Agreement Not Enough

June 24, 2015

Instead of passing the Education Tax Credit, the politicians in Albany struck an “agreement” that gives money to private schools as a […]

Retaliation in Albany

June 16, 2015

The Church in New York State says it’s being retaliated against by the New York State Assembly because of the Church’s support […]

Union Leaders Push Education Tax Credit

June 15, 2015

Union leaders from across New York State have announced their support for the Education Tax Credit.  Currents correspondent Michelle Powers spoke with […]

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