How Catholics Think and Communicate

May 23, 2014

The Diocese of Brooklyn’s 23rd Annual World Communications Day Conference came just a head of Pope Francis’s trip to the Holy Land, […]

Closer to Unity?

May 20, 2014

Pope Francis is preparing his trip to the Holy Land, which will include the Holy Father meeting with Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew. ┬áThat’s […]

Catholics, Evangelicals & Ecumenism

Catholics, Evangelicals & Ecumenism

November 17, 2013

Matthew Schmitz, Deputy Editor of First Things Magazine joins host Msgr. Harrington in a discussion on ecumenism and the relationship between Catholics […]

Memories Made in Northern Ireland

January 11, 2011

Queens College hosted the exhibit “Voices Envisioned: Memories Made in Northern Ireland,” through which, both Catholics and Protestants tell their stories.

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