Father Sean Suckiel

February 8, 2017

On this episode, host Ed Wilkinson, Editor of the Tablet, meets with Father Sean Suckiel, the Vocation Director of the Diocese of […]

Msgr. John Delendick

January 25, 2017

Msgr. John Delendick is the Pastor of St. Jude, Canarsie and a chaplain to New York Fire Department.

Fr. Jeffrey Dillon

January 25, 2017

Father Jeffry Dillon, a former police officer who turned in his badge so he could serve in the precinct of the Lord, […]

Ridgewood Holy Hour for Vocations

November 14, 2016

Tim Harfmann reports from Ridgewood, where Catholics gather with Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio to pray for vocations. As part of the national Vocations […]

Queens Seminary Welcomes Albany Bishop

October 28, 2016

Tim Harfmann reports from Douglaston as Bishop Edward Scharfenberger, the leader of the Catholic Church in Albany, visits the Cathedral Seminary House […]

After Jamaica, Brooklyn Bishop Comes Home

August 5, 2016

Former and future parishioners joyfully welcome home Brooklyn-born Bishop Neil Tiedemann, who has served in Jamaica for the last eight years. Currents […]

Fr. Troike Program Shapes Young Leaders

August 1, 2016

Nearly 90 elementary school boys attended the 49th annual Fr. Troike Leadership Program at Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary. Tim Harfmann reports […]

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