Monsignor Quinn Closer To Sainthood

November 16, 2016

At the national conference for U.S. Catholic prelates, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio introduced Monsignor Bernard Quinn for canonization. Monsignor Quinn ministered in the […]

Local Reaction On Blessed Mother Teresa

August 18, 2016

Tim Harfmann reports from Gravesend, Brooklyn, where he gets reaction from a local Albanian about Blessed Blessed Teresa. The Albanian-born nun will […]

Times Slams Saint Serra

October 8, 2015

The Catholic League is demanding a response after the New York Times, in a front page article, claims historians agree that the […]

A Canonization With Controversy

August 10, 2015

California’s soon-to-be first saint, Blessed Junipero Serra, doesn’t come without controversy. To some, Serra embodies the system that promoted massive cultural genocide. […]

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